Real Estate SEO: Myths You Should Know About


For real estate professionals your main focus is in getting and taking care of new clients while your website marketing takes a backseat.  SEO (search engine optimization) should be a part of your online marketing arsenal as it gives you the chance to rank higher in the search engines’ organic rankings.

Before jumping head-first into any campaign, contract or payments we want to educate you on some things so you know what sales fluff” is.

1. Search Engine Submission Services

The real search engine players are Google, Bing, and Yahoo-which shares results with Bing anyway.  So what other search engines are they referring to?!

2. PageRank Is #1 Priority

Pagerank is a number that Google gives to a website ranging 0-10 and for years SEO’s thought it was the most important thing to focus on. Pagerank is a metric that Google built that basically calculates your website authority by judging the type of backlinks and how many you have.

3. Meta Keywords

The meta keywords tag was used in years past to tell the search engines with a few words what the page content was about. Google has come out and said they do not even calculate the tag anymore, so stop wasting your time with trying to use it.

4. Valid HTML/CSS Is Important For Your Real Estate SEO

Having 100% valid code for your website will not help you outrank your competition. Having valid HTML and CSS code is not a ranking factor, just a good sales tool that some people use to try and get you to buy their services to redo your website:

5. Keyword Density

Keyword density is supposed to be a mathematical formula the search engines use to calculate the % of times a keyword or phrase was used on the page.  Numbers floating around 3%-9% are ideal and you want your content to contain your main keywords X” amount of times to get the right keyword density.

6. Duplicate Content Will Get You Banned

For real estate professionals this one is important to realize as you share your MLS information with several other websites in your local area.  If there are 30 other realtor sites that all have the same house listed on their website from the MLS then you all have the same content for that property.

You will not get banned for this, you simply will not be credited for having the original content and that page will not rank highly as it is the same as other pages that the search engine already has listed. Stay away from the temptation of wanting to simply copy and paste information from another website to save time or money as it will not get you very far.

7. All Links Are The Same

The search engines, especially Google know how your website is laid out.  Header, main content, sidebar or two, footer are all segments that make up your website.

In the past a link was link no matter where it was placed, and then came the onslaught of footer link spam with real estate websites trying to rank for every town within a 100 mile radius.  You would see 50 town names all followed by real estate listings or homes for sale trying to rank for those keywords.  Those links are hardly given any credit at all nowadays, so stick to creating awesome content for your local area and build out information for cities close to you.

8. SEO is Tricking The Search Engines

Not tricking the search engines, just knowing what they want and giving it to them to help rank a site higher than others.  From the design, content, onsite and offsite factors, SEO is a marketing tool just like advertising.  If done properly it can be rewarding for you and your business, if done poorly then it can burn a hole in your pocket.

In Conclusion

I hope this post was informative to anyone that was or is looking into some type of SEO campaign.  Remember there is no magic wand that is waved to get you rankings within days and surely NOBODY can guarantee #1 position rankings.  If you hear someone tell you that then run away and save your money.  If you have questions about anything above or something else related to SEO for your favorit real estate website leave a comment below.

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