Maintain Your Property

Keeping up with your home whether it is yours or you are renting is a chore that has to be watched closely at all times. Of course it is rewarding, but if you do not know what to look for, it can creep up on you and become a disaster. A small issue put off until later can quickly turn into a serious financial loss.

Things that turn a home into a hassle

Inspecting your property on a monthly schedule is best to keep on top of things. Most tenants will not notify a landlord of an existing issue until it is out of control and becomes extremely costly. A wise landlord will do monthly inspections for the following:


This is a direct effect of condensation build up from a leak or unprotected barriers. Leaks could be in a wall, roof, windows, basement or anywhere that is susceptible to water accumulation. Check your roof, pipes, crawlspace, sealant areas, and chimneys. Make sure to keep gutters free for water to flow to the proper area.

Wiring, smoke detectors and air units

Your maintenance person should regularly check for any shorts, faulty wiring or corrosion. Homes have a code they must pass according city regulations. Make sure all smoke detectors are inspected and in working condition. The batteries in these devices should be looked at as well. The heating and cooling units are high on this list of inspections. They should be functioning at a high capacity and have fresh filters.


The coat of paint on the inside and outside of your home isn’t just for looks although this should definitely be a bonus for you. It acts as a protectant between the sun and the material your house is constructed of. The wood stays in better condition longer, water damage is less likely and it gives you a close up inspection to see if any other damage is present.


A quick look at the outside landscaping for any trees that could potentially damage your real estate or a neighbor’s property should be monitored periodically. Weather could break off branches and cause serious damage to cars, pets and people. The yard should be clear of any holes. Excess dirt build up around the home should be kept away from the edges of the house. This can cause water to rot out the base of the home if it accumulates.


Catching any pest invasion before it is a serious threat will save money in the end. Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage before you even realize it is a serious issue. Vermin such as rats or outside critters can burrow into the crevices of a property and create hundreds of their companions. A temporary move may take place while the infestation is being taken care of. The amount of money for that alone will just keep building until it is safe to move back.

These are only a few of the things to look for and things to maintain your home’s appeal. It is best to make sure there is insurance kept in place at all times. Also, if you are not mechanically inclined, a regular maintenance man on your pay roll can save you more on your real estate  than just waiting for an emergency phone call.

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