The Top 5 Reasons Real Estate Agents Fail

A few weeks ago we discussed why most aspiring Real Estate investors fail to buy a home or lose money when these people invest. Many real estate agents also possess a hard time getting started in the industry. The average earning of real estate agents is less than $40, 000, resulting from many agents neglect to make much money in the industry.There are some reasons why real estate agents do not make much money, but there are also lots of agents who make lots of money in the business.

If you want to become an agent or already are in this Real Estate Company, you need to avoid these mistakes to ensure you are successful.

What are the top 5 mistakes real estate agents make?

When you become an agent, you are starting a small business. It takes the time to do a business and start selling households. You cannot expect to quit your task and start selling luxury homes once the first month. You have to build up savings to reside on when you first become an agent. It can be months before you make your first sale. Real Estate agent joins our team who ran out of money before he sold his first house.

Trying to become a real agency while working a full-time employment

One of the hardest activities to do is begin a real property career part-time. The problem is people would like to see houses; they want to talk to their agent, and they will need information quickly. If the only time a buyer can obtain you is after 5 and around the weekends, they become frustrated and have a terrible time finding a house in any sellers’ market. As a part-time agent, it will likely be tough to find time to promote yourself, hold open houses, make calls and do additional activities that bring your organization.

Chase shiny objects                 

When you become an agent, you will have many companies trying to sell you leads or the front page of Google ads. The Real Estate salesperson is very convincing, and they’ll probably convince you it is a great business decision to pay all of them money, because “just one commission will pay for their service”. While some companies does provide leads that are worthwhile, most are not. The caliber of leads from the internet is not very high, and you are far better prospecting in person by making calls or face-to-face visits.

Do not answer their cellular phone or call back

A real estate agent’s business will be based upon relationships. It is based on conversing with people, building trust and offering houses. If you do a worthy job, the people you sell the property to offers referrals. Many agents spend much cash trying to get people to call or email them. It is amazing how many agents tend not to answer their phone or even call back individuals who call to buy or sell a home!

Do not market to their Real Estate database.

A real estate agents database will be the most valuable thing they possess. All real estate agents really should keep a database of previous clients, potential clients, business contact lenses and anyone they know. You should use this database to send text letters to, emails to. The database is what will make the top agents by far the most money and many agents are too lazy to create one.

More Real Estate mistakes include

  • Find the wrong broker.
  • Start being employed by a property management company.
  • Usually do not set goals or make a plan.
  • Sacrifice their clients’ needs for any commission check.
  • Do not plan for the expenses that are included with being an agent.

Lastly, becoming a  real estate agent is not a walk in the park. If you treat being an agent as a business and plan accordingly you will be very successful, have no superior, plan your schedule and gain an enormous advantage when investing in property.  If you take short pieces, go for the natural income and don’t work hard you will struggle.

Simple Ways to Invest In Real Estates


Investing in the real estate simply means putting the money that you have back in the business so that it can increase. This will enable you have more money in the future and put up more investment projects. Real estate investing Jacksonville has enabled many potential buyers to benefit by buying more houses. Real estate investment has a higher return or profits and this can be able to allow you cover risks, the cost of owning a property and the taxes that you pay if there are any. Some of the simple ways to invest in real estates are:

Buy a rental property

Rental property is one basic way in which you can get started into investing in real estates. There are various kinds of rental properties outside there for example we have the single parent home that you can buy and later on rent it out with the aim of getting rental income. You can also get a vacation home.  Rental properties are very important because they can fetch you a significant amount of return that you can use somewhere else. There are a few headaches associated with buying your own rental property and they include paying of taxes, maintenance of properties which should be done at all times and also the payment of the loan.

Real estate investment groups

Real estate investment groups are important for people who don’t like or who are not interested in investing in the real estates. If you are one of those people it is important for you to join a reliable real estate investment group because here management is easy and effective. Owning a real estate can be very stressful because as a landlord you have to take care of several issues but as a group you, all of you are responsible for management, tenants, advertisement and any other activity or task.

Buy and sell

Buying and selling is another way in which you can be able to deal with real estate investment. This wholesaling is effective for those who don’t want to be landlords or who don’t want the burden of being landlords. Trading real estates is not an easy business because you have to go the market looking for the best deals and then you can be able to buy the property that you want and at an affordable cost.

Consider the REIT

Real estate investment trusts are another right way in which you can invest in real estates. Most people don’t understand how to invest with REITS and therefore you have to learn some things about it before eventually considering them. A real estate investment trust enables a company to obtain funds which it used to expand and operate its activities. Florida investing Jacksonville has several real estate investment trusts which potential investors use as a way to invest real estate.

To conclude, it is important to know that there are several ways in which you can invest in real estates and therefore as a potential buyer ensure that you have all the necessary options. This will make your investment plans effective and easy.


Maintain Your Property

Keeping up with your home whether it is yours or you are renting is a chore that has to be watched closely at all times. Of course it is rewarding, but if you do not know what to look for, it can creep up on you and become a disaster. A small issue put off until later can quickly turn into a serious financial loss.

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