Real Estate SEO: Myths You Should Know About


For real estate professionals your main focus is in getting and taking care of new clients while your website marketing takes a backseat.  SEO (search engine optimization) should be a part of your online marketing arsenal as it gives you the chance to rank higher in the search engines’ organic rankings.

Before jumping head-first into any campaign, contract or payments we want to educate you on some things so you know what sales fluff” is.

1. Search Engine Submission Services

The real search engine players are Google, Bing, and Yahoo-which shares results with Bing anyway.  So what other search engines are they referring to?!

2. PageRank Is #1 Priority

Pagerank is a number that Google gives to a website ranging 0-10 and for years SEO’s thought it was the most important thing to focus on. Pagerank is a metric that Google built that basically calculates your website authority by judging the type of backlinks and how many you have.

3. Meta Keywords

The meta keywords tag was used in years past to tell the search engines with a few words what the page content was about. Google has come out and said they do not even calculate the tag anymore, so stop wasting your time with trying to use it.

4. Valid HTML/CSS Is Important For Your Real Estate SEO

Having 100% valid code for your website will not help you outrank your competition. Having valid HTML and CSS code is not a ranking factor, just a good sales tool that some people use to try and get you to buy their services to redo your website:

5. Keyword Density

Keyword density is supposed to be a mathematical formula the search engines use to calculate the % of times a keyword or phrase was used on the page.  Numbers floating around 3%-9% are ideal and you want your content to contain your main keywords X” amount of times to get the right keyword density.

6. Duplicate Content Will Get You Banned

For real estate professionals this one is important to realize as you share your MLS information with several other websites in your local area.  If there are 30 other realtor sites that all have the same house listed on their website from the MLS then you all have the same content for that property.

You will not get banned for this, you simply will not be credited for having the original content and that page will not rank highly as it is the same as other pages that the search engine already has listed. Stay away from the temptation of wanting to simply copy and paste information from another website to save time or money as it will not get you very far.

7. All Links Are The Same

The search engines, especially Google know how your website is laid out.  Header, main content, sidebar or two, footer are all segments that make up your website.

In the past a link was link no matter where it was placed, and then came the onslaught of footer link spam with real estate websites trying to rank for every town within a 100 mile radius.  You would see 50 town names all followed by real estate listings or homes for sale trying to rank for those keywords.  Those links are hardly given any credit at all nowadays, so stick to creating awesome content for your local area and build out information for cities close to you.

8. SEO is Tricking The Search Engines

Not tricking the search engines, just knowing what they want and giving it to them to help rank a site higher than others.  From the design, content, onsite and offsite factors, SEO is a marketing tool just like advertising.  If done properly it can be rewarding for you and your business, if done poorly then it can burn a hole in your pocket.

In Conclusion

I hope this post was informative to anyone that was or is looking into some type of SEO campaign.  Remember there is no magic wand that is waved to get you rankings within days and surely NOBODY can guarantee #1 position rankings.  If you hear someone tell you that then run away and save your money.  If you have questions about anything above or something else related to SEO for your favorit real estate website leave a comment below.

Real Estate Investment – Some Top Secrets Revealed

Most people around the world love to invest their money in the real estate market. If you want, you can also invest your money in the real estate market and purchase a property. Property investment is not a simple task as it is included with many risks. You have to invest your money in the exact place at the accurate time. This article is going to try some of the incredible real estate suggestions and tips. Investing in property is the most commercial business by which you can prepare some good money deals. It is one of the most viable systems of investment by which you can develop your bottom line. The top part of real estate investment is that it is not affected at all by economic crisis or inflation.

There are several factors of real estate investments that you should consider before making any type of purchase. Some of them are listed below.


You should have access to your financial resources in a very alert way before you seek proper property. You should always consider how much you can essentially afford. Your priority should be to plan your financial resources carefully before buying a property. You can make a list of your income and expenses. You need to be very realistic in your budget estimate otherwise you could end up on the losing side. You can also switch to one saving monthly because it can really help you pay for unexpected emergencies or expenses.


The location of a real estate property is of great importance and you should always consider the location of the property which you have planned to purchase. You should always look out for properties that are in the high traffic zone. You should never select areas prone to flooding. The drainage system is also a vital aspect and you should check out the drainage system of your property.


Also, Logistics is a significant factor that you need to consider. You should always select a property that is close to your children’s school or your office.


You should always try to evaluate the kind of property that you intend to buy. On the other hand, you need to check out just for all security issues beforehand.

Hence, these are some vital factors that you should keep in mind when making a real estate investment.

The real estate industry is growing at a rapid pace and a myriad of opportunities are available in the market in this regard. You will face a great deal of confusion in selecting a proper and adequate property agreement. Ensure that your investment in the property should not be influenced by any type of user promotion or advertising. It is necessary to carry out extensive and refined research on various properties before investing money in this market. If you have money then you may hire a financial advisor. I am sure he will guide you in the accurate direction.

Read more here:

The Top 5 Reasons Real Estate Agents Fail

A few weeks ago we discussed why most aspiring Real Estate investors fail to buy a home or lose money when these people invest. Many real estate agents also possess a hard time getting started in the industry. The average earning of real estate agents is less than $40, 000, resulting from many agents neglect to make much money in the industry.There are some reasons why real estate agents do not make much money, but there are also lots of agents who make lots of money in the business.

If you want to become an agent or already are in this Real Estate Company, you need to avoid these mistakes to ensure you are successful.

What are the top 5 mistakes real estate agents make?

When you become an agent, you are starting a small business. It takes the time to do a business and start selling households. You cannot expect to quit your task and start selling luxury homes once the first month. You have to build up savings to reside on when you first become an agent. It can be months before you make your first sale. Real Estate agent joins our team who ran out of money before he sold his first house.

Trying to become a real agency while working a full-time employment

One of the hardest activities to do is begin a real property career part-time. The problem is people would like to see houses; they want to talk to their agent, and they will need information quickly. If the only time a buyer can obtain you is after 5 and around the weekends, they become frustrated and have a terrible time finding a house in any sellers’ market. As a part-time agent, it will likely be tough to find time to promote yourself, hold open houses, make calls and do additional activities that bring your organization.

Chase shiny objects                 

When you become an agent, you will have many companies trying to sell you leads or the front page of Google ads. The Real Estate salesperson is very convincing, and they’ll probably convince you it is a great business decision to pay all of them money, because “just one commission will pay for their service”. While some companies does provide leads that are worthwhile, most are not. The caliber of leads from the internet is not very high, and you are far better prospecting in person by making calls or face-to-face visits.

Do not answer their cellular phone or call back

A real estate agent’s business will be based upon relationships. It is based on conversing with people, building trust and offering houses. If you do a worthy job, the people you sell the property to offers referrals. Many agents spend much cash trying to get people to call or email them. It is amazing how many agents tend not to answer their phone or even call back individuals who call to buy or sell a home!

Do not market to their Real Estate database.

A real estate agents database will be the most valuable thing they possess. All real estate agents really should keep a database of previous clients, potential clients, business contact lenses and anyone they know. You should use this database to send text letters to, emails to. The database is what will make the top agents by far the most money and many agents are too lazy to create one.

More Real Estate mistakes include

  • Find the wrong broker.
  • Start being employed by a property management company.
  • Usually do not set goals or make a plan.
  • Sacrifice their clients’ needs for any commission check.
  • Do not plan for the expenses that are included with being an agent.

Lastly, becoming a  real estate agent is not a walk in the park. If you treat being an agent as a business and plan accordingly you will be very successful, have no superior, plan your schedule and gain an enormous advantage when investing in property.  If you take short pieces, go for the natural income and don’t work hard you will struggle.

Simple Ways to Invest In Real Estates


Investing in the real estate simply means putting the money that you have back in the business so that it can increase. This will enable you have more money in the future and put up more investment projects. Real estate investing Jacksonville has enabled many potential buyers to benefit by buying more houses. Real estate investment has a higher return or profits and this can be able to allow you cover risks, the cost of owning a property and the taxes that you pay if there are any. Some of the simple ways to invest in real estates are:

Buy a rental property

Rental property is one basic way in which you can get started into investing in real estates. There are various kinds of rental properties outside there for example we have the single parent home that you can buy and later on rent it out with the aim of getting rental income. You can also get a vacation home.  Rental properties are very important because they can fetch you a significant amount of return that you can use somewhere else. There are a few headaches associated with buying your own rental property and they include paying of taxes, maintenance of properties which should be done at all times and also the payment of the loan.

Real estate investment groups

Real estate investment groups are important for people who don’t like or who are not interested in investing in the real estates. If you are one of those people it is important for you to join a reliable real estate investment group because here management is easy and effective. Owning a real estate can be very stressful because as a landlord you have to take care of several issues but as a group you, all of you are responsible for management, tenants, advertisement and any other activity or task.

Buy and sell

Buying and selling is another way in which you can be able to deal with real estate investment. This wholesaling is effective for those who don’t want to be landlords or who don’t want the burden of being landlords. Trading real estates is not an easy business because you have to go the market looking for the best deals and then you can be able to buy the property that you want and at an affordable cost.

Consider the REIT

Real estate investment trusts are another right way in which you can invest in real estates. Most people don’t understand how to invest with REITS and therefore you have to learn some things about it before eventually considering them. A real estate investment trust enables a company to obtain funds which it used to expand and operate its activities. Florida investing Jacksonville has several real estate investment trusts which potential investors use as a way to invest real estate.

To conclude, it is important to know that there are several ways in which you can invest in real estates and therefore as a potential buyer ensure that you have all the necessary options. This will make your investment plans effective and easy.


The surprising myth about investing in real estate


Property investment in real estate is one of the big givens- even if you aren’t looking to be a real estate maven, you probably expect that you ‘have’ to own your own house by some arbitrary age. It’s one of those things that pop culture, educators, our parents and society present as an absolute given. It’s also the big myth of real estate. Below, we tell you more.

So, I have to invest in real estate for my personal use, right?

Wrong! This theme, however, is one of the major ones that any given real estate expert has seen over and over and over again. And these gifted and properly real estate educated people will often shake their head in wonder. The two main reasons people give are usually that a house you will be using for living is ‘a good investment’ or that rent is ‘money thrown away’. These experts will tell you that these are mostly wrong- but people don’t like hearing it.

It’s cultural conditioning, not sane investment advice.

Not that a real estate expert will actually discourage you for making the first step on the ladder, if that’s the right thing for your needs right now. You see, these experts have actual knowledge of the markets and trends we are pretending to understand when we go ‘it’s leverage’ or ‘it’s for the tax benefits’. They want you to appreciate the facts too. So, when you say that renting is wasting money and a house wouldn’t…can you show the correct figures for that? And show why?

If you want to make that big first step into real estate for ‘leverage’, do you understand how leverage works and that leverage works two ways? If it’s for ‘tax benefits’- what are they? Your first piece of real estate is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. There is little wonder the experts are asking you to properly understand what you are doing.

Why is this so important?

You see, these same professionals are the ones who see people feel cheated when the realise their cost of ownership goes far past their mortgage, or that they are in fact wasting more money than they were renting, or any of the other ways in which the layperson’s lack of real estate knowledge shows so easily.

In the end, they are not advising that you do not, ever, buy a family home. What they are asking for is that the layperson does their work first, and finds out exactly how and why owning a house will impact their lives. They are asking for people to understand real estate figures, know how a broker will work with you, and use common financial sense in planning the right moment- not the whining voice of your parents in your ear going ‘you should own a house by now’.

Real estate can be a great investment, and there is a real something in owning your own home- as long as you properly plan and understand what that means to you and your budget. Things to learn here:

The Multiple Listing Service

The Multiple Listing Service

Essentially, the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a major property stockroom – kind of like a “home stop.” When property is accessible available to be purchased, it goes in the distribution center. When it is sold, it gets taken out of the distribution center.

In view of the fact that real estate can’t really put away in a stockroom, the MLS just contains data. So the MLS is really a database – an amazingly advantageous approach to comprehend what is accessible available to be purchased at a given minute. After reading this you can visit our link: here for more information. That is the reason real estate agents added to the MLS. Fast learning of home stock made specialists more gainful.

The Evolving MLS:

Since creating and keeping up the MLS framework wasn’t free, specialists made nearby “MLS Associations,” required participation, and charged one another yearly contribution (in addition to extra expenses) so they could pay for the important staff and materials to make it work.

At the truly long time past days, a real estate agent submitted postings to their neighborhood affiliation and the MLS staff assembled the information on what was accessible available to be purchased and what had been sold. Once per week (or thereabouts) MLS individuals got a book that demonstrated all the present postings.

The Multiple Listing Service

At that point (in the “only” long time past days) PCs went along and made it simpler to make the posting box. At the point when modems went along the books were no more fundamental, however, it took operators for a short time to alter. Also visit our top article here for more information. MLS individuals could now “dial in” specifically for the PC. At last, along comes the data age – and the Internet.

Starting in 1996, some property data from the MLS was put on the web. It isn’t as present as dialing straightforwardly into the PC, and data on the web does not contain every one of the properties accessible in the MLS. Besides, there is no national MLS or database. The data you find on the web is assembled from nearby and local MLS frameworks, not all of which take part on the web to the same degree.

Why the MLS works for home dealers:

The entire MLS thought is an aid to merchants as a result of “supply and request.” In what capacity would you be able to, as a merchant, access the biggest number of purchasers? Setting a promotion in a daily paper? On the other hand, putting your home data into a PC available by each MLS part who will demonstrate your property to their qualified purchasers in your value range?

Being set in the MLS extends a house merchant’s business power, opens the property to a bigger pool of planned home purchasers, and makes more interest in the property. The higher the interest, the additionally estimating power appreciated by the mortgage holder – and the faster a home will offer.

Why the MLS works for home purchasers:

It is to a great degree advantageous, does not cost a penny to purchasers. Also, you get a qualified and experienced real estate agent for help you through the confused procedure of turning into a mortgage holder.

Real Estate Agents and REALTORS – What is a REALTOR

If you are new to the world of real estate, there are a number of different things that you can be confused on.  You may be surprised to know that there is a difference between a real estate agent and a realtor.  Although they have similar jobs and responsibilities, one has a few more abilities than the other, and there are other small things that set the two apart.  Here, we will look at a couple different examples that should help you better understand the differences seen there.  Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of what each is and what they can do for you.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents can do a couple of different things to help clients and companies with their properties and real estate.  They can help with rentals, assist in the buying and selling of houses, buildings, and other properties, as well as other similar transactions.  They will also typically help with the marketing of a property to help ensure that it is purchased by the right buyer at the right price.  They will usually help make negotiations go more smoothly and keep everything fair for both parties involved.

On average, this is considered more of an entry level position and no official schooling is required.  Although this is up to the discretion of the company the real estate agent works for, this stands true for most positions.

Becoming a Realtor

Realtors require a bit more education to get into the position they hold.  This is because they are an official member of the National Association of Realtors.  To become a realtor, they will need to complete certification and licensing for different purposes.  They are more thoroughly trained in order to do better their jobs and provide a better experience all around.  It takes a lot of dedication on the way to becoming a realtor, and they are held to a much stricter ethical standard.  Real estate agents can typically make the judgment calls for themselves, whereas the official realtor must make sure to keep with the NAR’s rules, guidelines, and restrictions.  For example, they must be blatantly honest with both parties; this is usually expected of any real estate agent. However they are known to bend the truth in order to convince parties to go in a direction that they favor, or that will benefit them personally.

It all depends on the persons involved and the situation, but typically it is much better to go through a realtor for most property, business, or estate transactions to see the best possible results.  Your real estate agent will treat you in a friendly and honest manner, and take care of you from the moment you meet them.  With these sorts of agents you know that everything will work out in the best way possible for both the buyer and the seller, and the real estate agent will not sway things so that they see a higher commission from the sale.

read our featured post here for more info:

Are You Paying Too Much Property Tax? Here Are Several Tips

At the point when expense time moves around, numerous mortgage holders are shocked at the measure of real estate they owe. In the event that you can’t help contradicting the expressed estimation of your property, its justified regardless of a more intensive look to check whether your bill has expanded reasonably.

To make sure, you’re not paying more than you ought to, check the accompanying variables.

Check on the basic error with real estate

To begin with, check that there are no slip-ups on your property card a record that records data, for example, measurements, land, and quality. Does the card demonstrate that your home has three rooms when it just has two? That it sits on 3.0-section of land part when it’s just on .30? That it has a completed cellar when, indeed, it doesn’t? That it has two chimneys when it just has one?

Mistakes like these can and do happen, and they’re really very normal. Be that as it may you won’t think about disparities in the event that you haven’t seen your home’s card and audited it deliberately. Get a duplicate at the town corridor, bringing any error to the quick consideration of the assessor. Modification can regularly be made without the requirement for a formal request.

After you pull your real estate card, examine a couple of your neighbors’ cards particularly, neighbors who have homes that are like yours regarding age, size, style, condition and area.

How do their evaluations line up with yours? Possibly your four-room house with a one-auto carport has been evaluated at $250,000. Your neighbor additionally possesses a four-room home, yet this house has a two-auto carport, a decent minimal shed, and even a swimming pool but then it’s esteemed at $235,000. Present a defense, as you likely have one.

Extraordinary real estate conditions

Do you live in a house that is in disintegrating condition? In an area that is undesirable because of weird odors, poor air quality or overwhelming road activity? These are the sorts of variables that could bring down your property’s estimation.

Preceding development, you may have had discourses about the amount of that new pool or deck was going to cost you regarding property charge. Truth be told, you expected to comprehend what’s in store, and exactly how much higher the bills would be.

Be that as it may here is the thing; maybe those auxiliary enhancements never happened as intended or are not yet finished, but your bill mirrors these appraisals as though you’ve been getting a charge out of them. Talk up and save!


It is safe to say that you are exploiting extraordinary exceptions? A few states offer expense diminishments for veterans, the handicapped and senior subjects. Some additionally give diminishments to noteworthy structures and uncommon vitality productive frameworks.

Get some information about these and different motivations for duty diminishments that you may be qualified for. It’s justified regards by the real estate commonly you will be using.

Three Things That Make a Great Real Estate Investment

rent_with_option_to_buy_real_estateReal estates and investing in properties can be a great way of investing, but then you must know all the necessary things to make a success of your investment and not buying yourself into debt. There are a few things that you should know that what makes a great real estate investment. For the person who is just starting out in investing in real estates, here are three things that you should know about what makes a great property investment.

Make sure of paying fair cash –on cash return

This is important if you don’t want to lose some money. You must make sure that the price of the property you are buying isn’t too high. You need to be able to resell it and still be able to make a profit so that you can invest it again in other properties.

If you are buying real estate to rent, then you must make sure that your renting amount will be enough for all the other expenses that a landlord has, and that you still will have some money left that you can save and invest in other properties.

The investment not too risky

You can’t invest in some properties that might be too risky. You are investing a whole lot of money and you don’t want to have the risk of losing it all in a real estate that doesn’t want to sell again. The whole idea of investing in properties is that you want to make as much money in real estates as possible and not have the too high a risk of losing your money.

You should rather invest in properties that aren’t too risky and that you can invest in knowing that you will be able to get your money back, with interest. This is all what investing in real estate is all about.

You don’t want to spend lots of time or money managing the property

It isn’t worth it to invest in property, but you must spend lots of time and money managing real estate properly. If you want to invest in real estates, you want to buy the property and resell or rent it without any more time spending on managing the property or money spend on upgrading the property so that you will be able to resell it to make some profit.

The best property that is a great investment is the property that is still in a very good condition and don’t need any more time or money for fixing the property or for managing the property. You want to invest in a building that is already in tip-top shape.

The whole idea of starting to invest in properties is to make sure that you will have some money if you need it someday. And you don’t want to have more worries about the property that you brought. Ideally you want to buy a building and keeping it, renting it out, and reselling it when you need to have some money in the future. You don’t want to invest just in any real estate, just to find that you have lost a lot of money; keep these three things in mind when you want to invest in a great investment with real estates.

How to De-Clutter Your Home

Maintaining a clean home really means a lot. Would you like to live in a mansion that is full of clutter or in a small house that is organized? Definitely, you can happily and comfortably live in a house in which everything is organized. Owning few possessions would mean less stress, less to clean, less to organize, more energy and money to spend for your greatest passions. However, it can be difficult to determine where to start organizing your home.


The first thing that you should do in de-cluttering your home is to have the proper mindset/attitude. Deciding to de-clutter your possessions can be difficult unless you program in your mind that you need to organize everything in your home. Likewise, you need also to identify where to start and determine how much time you will consume in organizing your place. Stay focused on your goal of organizing your home so that you will accomplish it successfully.

What to Trash

Another way to de-clutter your house is to determine what to trash. The things that you need to discard are those expired items such as medicines and foods. Likewise, you should also segregate the things that you are not using anymore or are not usable by other people.

What to Sell

While segregating your things you should separate those that are still usable. Identifying the things what to sell would not only help in de-cluttering the house but also you can also make money from the things that you do not usually use. You can conduct yard sale for those things.

What to Give Away or Donate

Segregate the things what to give away or donate. After the yard sale, you can collect all the items that are not sold and you can donate it to charity institutions. It will not only help in organizing your home, but you can also help to charity institutions.

De-cluttering your home would make you feel anxious especially if your place is big. However, as long as you know the steps in organizing your home, it would be easier. Before starting your task you should grab first your de-cluttering supplies particularly the boxes or container where you will segregate the items. Make sure to label each box to ensure that segregating the items will not be confusing.

Organizing your home can be done room by room so that you will not feel exhausted. Choose the part of your home where you will start to remove clutter. Likewise, you need also to determine how much time you can spend in doing the task. If you have little time, then you should devote your time organizing small space. Before putting the item in the box you should think first where it should be. Making decision about each item once you touch it is the key to de-clutter properly.

Organizing your home does not end on de-cluttering process, but you should end the task by cleaning up the place. Organizing your home is not an overnight process that is why you need patience to accomplish it.